88480 BEGA Bollard 88 480 , светильник столбик

Экранированные блокираторы88480 BEGA Bollard 88 480 , светильник столбик
Экранированные блокираторы
чертеж 88480 BEGA Bollard 88 480 , светильник столбик
88480 BEGA Bollard 88 480 , светильник столбик
Страна происхожденияГермания
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Shielded luminaires with rotationally symmetrical light emission.

We can supply these luminaires in two sizes for the differing dimensions of the installation site. These are luminaires with wide beam light distribution.

They are operated with discharge lamps which are characterised by high luminous efficiency and good colour rendering.

The glass lies in the non-visible area and is thus protected from damage. Their sturdy construction makes these luminaires especially suitable for areas in which considerable robustness is required.

more Colour optionally: graphite silver

Protection class  IP 65
Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass
Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium
Door and connection box 70 632

Luminaire colour optionally graphite or silver
Graphite – Article number
Silver – Article number + A

The figures quoted for output and luminous flux are nominal
values. Technical progress might result in different values
over time. The latest data can be found in the data sheets.

Variants88480, 88481

Артикул: 88480
Название: Bollard 88 480 Bega - Аксессуар
Lamp 1 HIT-TC-CE
35 W
Base G 8.5
Lumen 4000
A 190
B 1000
99468 р
Артикул: 88481
Название: Bollard 88 481 Bega - Аксессуар
Lamp 1 HIT-CE
70 W
Base G 12
Lumen 7800
A 265
B 1200
146905 р
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