538004 Ares Klein, столбик

538004 Столбик Klein
538004 Столбик Klein
538004 Ares Klein, столбик
538004 Ares Klein, столбик
Safety RatingCE, Europe
Страна происхожденияИталия
Источник светаWARM WHITE 3000K CoB LED 4,5W/220÷230V
Total power 6W
LED lm 350 ≠ FIXT lm 74
CRI >80
Led module set up to work directly connected to the mains
  Bollard light. Pre-wired with approx 100mm of cable. Protection against impact.
IK 07 - 02,00 joule Full cut-off luminaire (no light pollution).
Цвета исполнения White; Aluminium; Anthracite; Black; Rust-red;
Аксессуары1. Код продукта: 216
Base plate and fixing bolts
85 x 85 x H 160 mm

2. Код продукта: 237
SPD: (Surge Protection Device) 275Vac
Maximum discharge current 10KA (8/20µs)Maximum operating current 5ASuitable for series connection - IP66


Артикул: 538004
Название: Klein900 CoB LED / Installation With Base
Описание: KLEIN H.900 4,5W 220-240V WW C/BASE
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