Bull 10 светильник на трек Flexa Lighting

Bull 10 светильник на трек Flexa LightingBull 10 светильник на трек Flexa Lighting
Bull 10 светильник на трек Flexa Lighting
конфигурация Bull 10 светильник на трек Flexa Lighting
Bull 10 светильник на трек Flexa Lighting
Supply current230VAC
Color temp. / Luminous flux2700K - 890/840 lm (CRI85/CRI93)
3000K - 1000/930 lm (CRI85/CRI93)
4000K - 1040/960 lm (CRI85/CRI93)
ИзготовительFlexa Lighting
СерияBull 10
Страна происхожденияИталия
КатегорияТрековые прожекторы
Степень защиты IPIP20
Тип по каталогуTrack projectors
Оригинальное описание

The Bull range offers projectors where the minimalist and sophisticated design comes together with an innovative dissipation concept to guarantee remarkable lightness of the luminaire combined with excellent management of heat flows. The use of high quality LED COB, with CRI 85 and CRI 93, is combined with extremely efficient and clean optics. The option to combine colour of the head with that of the base and shaft provides a very interesting compositional idea.

VariantsBB11128M, BB11128S, BB11128W, BB11129M, BB11129S, BB11129W, BB11138M, BB11138S, BB11138W, BB11139M, BB11139S, BB11139W, BB11148M, BB11148S, BB11148W, BB11149M, BB11149S, BB11149W, BB11228M, BB11228S, BB11228W, BB11229M, BB11229S, BB11229W, BB11238M, BB11238S, BB11238W, BB11239M, BB11239S, BB11239W, BB11248M, BB11248S, BB11248W, BB11249M, BB11249S, BB11249W, BB11528M, BB11528S, BB11528W, BB11529M, BB11529S, BB11529W, BB11538M, BB11538S, BB11538W, BB11539M, BB11539S, BB11539W, BB11548M, BB11548S, BB11548W, BB11549M, BB11549S, BB11549W, BB12128M, BB12128S, BB12128W, BB12129M, BB12129S, BB12129W, BB12138M, BB12138S, BB12138W, BB12139M, BB12139S, BB12139W, BB12148M, BB12148S, BB12148W, BB12149M, BB12149S, BB12149W, BB12228M, BB12228S, BB12228W, BB12229M, BB12229S, BB12229W, BB12238M, BB12238S, BB12238W, BB12239M, BB12239S, BB12239W, BB12248M, BB12248S, BB12248W, BB12249M, BB12249S, BB12249W, BB12528M, BB12528S, BB12528W, BB12529M, BB12529S, BB12529W, BB12538M, BB12538S, BB12538W, BB12539M, BB12539S, BB12539W, BB12548M, BB12548S, BB12548W, BB12549M, BB12549S, BB12549W, BB15128M, BB15128S, BB15128W, BB15129M, BB15129S, BB15129W, BB15138M, BB15138S, BB15138W, BB15139M, BB15139S, BB15139W, BB15148M, BB15148S, BB15148W, BB15149M, BB15149S, BB15149W, BB15228M, BB15228S, BB15228W, BB15229M, BB15229S, BB15229W, BB15238M, BB15238S, BB15238W, BB15239M, BB15239S, BB15239W, BB15248M, BB15248S, BB15248W, BB15249M, BB15249S, BB15249W, BB15528M, BB15528S, BB15528W, BB15529M, BB15529S, BB15529W, BB15538M, BB15538S, BB15538W, BB15539M, BB15539S, BB15539W, BB15548M, BB15548S, BB15548W, BB15549M, BB15549S, BB15549W, BU11128M, BU11128S, BU11128W, BU11129M, BU11129S, BU11129W, BU11138M, BU11138S, BU11138W, BU11139M, BU11139S, BU11139W, BU11148M, BU11148S, BU11148W, BU11149M, BU11149S, BU11149W, BU11228M, BU11228S, BU11228W, BU11229M, BU11229S, BU11229W, BU11238M, BU11238S, BU11238W, BU11239M, BU11239S, BU11239W, BU11248M, BU11248S, BU11248W, BU11249M, BU11249S, BU11249W, BU11528M, BU11528S, BU11528W, BU11529M, BU11529S, BU11529W, BU11538M, BU11538S, BU11538W, BU11539M, BU11539S, BU11539W, BU11548M, BU11548S, BU11548W, BU11549M, BU11549S, BU11549W, BU12128M, BU12128S, BU12128W, BU12129M, BU12129S, BU12129W, BU12138M, BU12138S, BU12138W, BU12139M, BU12139S, BU12139W, BU12148M, BU12148S, BU12148W, BU12149M, BU12149S, BU12149W, BU12228M, BU12228S, BU12228W, BU12229M, BU12229S, BU12229W, BU12238M, BU12238S, BU12238W, BU12239M, BU12239S, BU12239W, BU12248M, BU12248S, BU12248W, BU12249M, BU12249S, BU12249W, BU12528M, BU12528S, BU12528W, BU12529M, BU12529S, BU12529W, BU12538M, BU12538S, BU12538W, BU12539M, BU12539S, BU12539W, BU12548M, BU12548S, BU12548W, BU12549M, BU12549S, BU12549W, BU15128M, BU15128S, BU15128W, BU15129M, BU15129S, BU15129W, BU15138M, BU15138S, BU15138W, BU15139M, BU15139S, BU15139W, BU15148M, BU15148S, BU15148W, BU15149M, BU15149S, BU15149W, BU15228M, BU15228S, BU15228W, BU15229M, BU15229S, BU15229W, BU15238M, BU15238S, BU15238W, BU15239M, BU15239S, BU15239W, BU15248M, BU15248S, BU15248W, BU15249M, BU15249S, BU15249W, BU15528M, BU15528S, BU15528W, BU15529M, BU15529S, BU15529W, BU15538M, BU15538S, BU15538W, BU15539M, BU15539S, BU15539W, BU15548M, BU15548S, BU15548W, BU15549M, BU15549S, BU15549W, BX11128M, BX11128S, BX11128W, BX11129M, BX11129S, BX11129W, BX11138M, BX11138S, BX11138W, BX11139M, BX11139S, BX11139W, BX11148M, BX11148S, BX11148W, BX11149M, BX11149S, BX11149W, BX11228M, BX11228S, BX11228W, BX11229M, BX11229S, BX11229W, BX11238M, BX11238S, BX11238W, BX11239M, BX11239S, BX11239W, BX11248M, BX11248S, BX11248W, BX11249M, BX11249S, BX11249W, BX11528M, BX11528S, BX11528W, BX11529M, BX11529S, BX11529W, BX11538M, BX11538S, BX11538W, BX11539M, BX11539S, BX11539W, BX11548M, BX11548S, BX11548W, BX11549M, BX11549S, BX11549W, BX12128M, BX12128S, BX12128W, BX12129M, BX12129S, BX12129W, BX12138M, BX12138S, BX12138W, BX12139M, BX12139S, BX12139W, BX12148M, BX12148S, BX12148W, BX12149M, BX12149S, BX12149W, BX12228M, BX12228S, BX12228W, BX12229M, BX12229S, BX12229W, BX12238M, BX12238S, BX12238W, BX12239M, BX12239S, BX12239W, BX12248M, BX12248S, BX12248W, BX12249M, BX12249S, BX12249W, BX12528M, BX12528S, BX12528W, BX12529M, BX12529S, BX12529W, BX12538M, BX12538S, BX12538W, BX12539M, BX12539S, BX12539W, BX12548M, BX12548S, BX12548W, BX12549M, BX12549S, BX12549W, BX15128M, BX15128S, BX15128W, BX15129M, BX15129S, BX15129W, BX15138M, BX15138S, BX15138W, BX15139M, BX15139S, BX15139W, BX15148M, BX15148S, BX15148W, BX15149M, BX15149S, BX15149W, BX15228M, BX15228S, BX15228W, BX15229M, BX15229S, BX15229W, BX15238M, BX15238S, BX15238W, BX15239M, BX15239S, BX15239W, BX15248M, BX15248S, BX15248W, BX15249M, BX15249S, BX15249W, BX15528M, BX15528S, BX15528W, BX15529M, BX15529S, BX15529W, BX15538M, BX15538S, BX15538W, BX15539M, BX15539S, BX15539W, BX15548M, BX15548S, BX15548W, BX15549M, BX15549S, BX15549W

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