800.73.189 Nautic Penrose Tekna

800.73.189 Nautic Penrose Tekna800.73.189 Nautic Penrose Tekna
800.73.189 Nautic Penrose Tekna
Safety RatingCE, Europe
Страна происхожденияБельгия
КатегорияPenrose on 230v - led with candle effect
Оригинальное описаниеCandle light in weathered brass with outside fitted clear safety glass, superstructure with handle (eyelet), supplied with an oyster-white imitation candle-cover and candle effect with LED technology, 5 meter cable H05RNF and plug. LED Module 230-240V 4W - main power 230V 50Hz. Use: outdoor (IP43)
РазмерыDimensions: width 315x315mm height 620mm.

Артикул: 800.73.189
Название: PENROSE ON 230V - LED weathered brass clear glass
внимание, изображение общее, цвет корпуса светильника может отличаться.
1789 €
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