33311 BEGA Large area luminaire 33 311 , E-Decken- und Wandleuchte

33311 BEGA Large area luminaire 33 311 , E-Decken- und Wandleuchte
Страна происхожденияГермания
КатегорияСветодиодные светильники для больших площадей
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Large-area LED light with unusually high light output. These luminaires open up new and creative options for light design in many areas of architecture. Safety crystal glass which is white inside distributes the light from the LED uniformly onto the surface to be illuminated.

Luminaires with integrated power supply units and a projection of 55 mm.

For optimum coordination of the light with the lighting situation in question, all luminaires are dimmable 1-10 V.

more Colour optionally: graphite white silver

Protection class  IP 65
Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass, white
Dimmable 1-10 V

You can find luminaires for operating with alternating
and direct current in the table under AC / DC.

LED colour temperature optionally 3000 K or 4000 K
3000K – Article number
4000K – Article number + K4

Luminaire colour optionally graphite, white or silver
Graphite – Article number
White – Article number + W
Silver – Article number + A

The figures quoted for output and luminous flux are nominal
values. Technical progress might result in different values
over time. The latest data can be found in the data sheets.

Variants33311, 33312

Артикул: 33311
Название: Large area luminaire 33 311 Bega - Светильник
Lamp LED
76.8 W
Lumen 10 200
A 625 x 625
B 55
2406 €
Артикул: 33312
Название: Large area luminaire 33 312 Bega - Светильник
Lamp LED
107.4 W
Lumen 14 280
A 1535 x 335
B 55
2988 €
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